Just a note on the Sigma DP2s

I am a lazy shooter, but I love the quality of my images.  It’s quite hard to find a camera that combines mobility with quality.  I managed to find one in the form of the Sigma DP2s.

The DP2s is not for the normal shooter.  Though it look like, feel like & weight like a point & shoot, it is not.  It is a large sensor camera with a near-APS-C size (to be precise is  20.7 x 13.8mm).  You can compare it with the normal P&S sensor in the diagram below.  As we know, the bigger the film size, the better the image quality.  Hence you can expect the images taken with the camera to be beautiful & have amazing bokeh.

Of course, this alone is not enough to say that it gives good quality since m4/3 cameras also have bigger sensors.  But the initial batches of m4/3 cams are disgraceful comapred to the DP2s, except in the areas of controls technology.  The DP2s uses the Foveon X3® direct image sensor.  Most people may not be familiar with this sensor but it is supposed to give images that have an “emotional quality”.  In Singma’s own words, they say

The SIGMA DP’s Foveon X3® direct image sensor utilizes the special properties of silicon, which is penetrated to different depths by different wavelengths of light, to successfully achieve full-color capture for the first time ever in a single-pixel site configuration. No color filter is required. Like modern color film cameras, it uses a method that captures all the colors vertically.  Because it does not need color interpolation or a low-pass filter, the Foveon X3® produces images that are sharp right from the start. Therefore, sharpness processing in the latter stages of the image processing – creating edges and emphasizing contours – can be reduced to a minimum. This is why reviewers have evaluated the images captured by the Foveon X3® as having a truly nuanced, sharp feel and praised them as very natural and demonstrating superior image quality.

Sounds advertorial, but after using it, I swear by the colours!

Look at the outstanding details & 3D effects that this camera can give you!  Taken by DP2s with close-up lenses

But be warned again.  This camera is not for everyone.  Yes, it has amazing image quality, but the controls are limited & outdated.  It has a fixed 24.2mm lens with no zoom.  The video super sucks at QVGA:320×240…the low light super duper sucks since anythign above ISO400 cannot be used.  The OOC JPEG are lousier than a P&S.  If you can live with these quirks & am willing to spend time converting the RAWs, get this camera.  You will carry it around with you 🙂

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