Monthly Archives: October 2011

Just a touch of love – Wan Chin & Vivienne

I seldom do wedding shoots.  Not because I got no time, but because I do not have the confidence to do so & hated the responsibility of a wedding photographer – mind you, it’s once in a lifetime thing for the wedding couple!  However, I do not mind being a hobbyist & shooting some for fun.  Boon Leong kindly “lent” us Wan Chin & Vivienne who are getting married soon & doesn’t mind some extra photos to grace their albums.  Great models!

To me, taking wedding photos is not about having a theme or making sure you have all the poses that a bride/groom should have, or showcasing your photography skills by trying all kinds of shots.  It’s more about capturing the most beautiful side of a  person.  Everyone has a most beautiful/photogenic side to them.  But it takes time to find it.   If you can match that look with a “feel”, then you have”‘it” 🙂

Love always 🙂