Monthly Archives: November 2011

Just some show of Faith & Sincerity

Another day with Vincent to walk the streets of Waterloo & Victoria.  Took a lot of architectural photos but not many of people.  Now Waterloo is famed for a Buddhist temple that has followers across Southeast Asia.  By the side of this temple is a Hindu temple & you get to see a lot of devotees praying at both temples.  You can almost feel the air of serenity & faith.  Hence, I whipped out my 24-70mm & shoot away.

The fast aperture of the 24-70mm allows me to swiftly capture this shot with relative ease.  It helps that the man was concentrating fully on his prayers.

I took quite a few shots of this burning fuel as the metering was distracted by the flame

I underexposed this quite a bit to get the deep colors that I wanted & darken the background a bit.


Just some Shapes, Patterns & Colors

I love colors, especially if they are captured with corresponding shapes & patterns.  Went on a walk with Vincent recently to do some street shooting.  We decided to try out the Waterloo area since there seems to be so much contrasty colors there.  At that time, I didn’t really have a good idea of what I want to shoot – maybe some people sightings or architectures? Didn’t sound exciting & didn’t invoke any “feel” within me.  By the 20min into the walk, we came by some nice houses that has the colonial touch to them.  The bold colors & shapes immediately struck me & that guided me throughout the entire photo walk after that.

This bee just look to cute not to include it…