Just some Shapes, Patterns & Colors

I love colors, especially if they are captured with corresponding shapes & patterns.  Went on a walk with Vincent recently to do some street shooting.  We decided to try out the Waterloo area since there seems to be so much contrasty colors there.  At that time, I didn’t really have a good idea of what I want to shoot – maybe some people sightings or architectures? Didn’t sound exciting & didn’t invoke any “feel” within me.  By the 20min into the walk, we came by some nice houses that has the colonial touch to them.  The bold colors & shapes immediately struck me & that guided me throughout the entire photo walk after that.

This bee just look to cute not to include it…

1 thought on “Just some Shapes, Patterns & Colors

  1. John Todaro

    A very thoughtful grouping with many images relating nicely to others.
    I especially like the 7th one going up from the bottom, and the third one down from the top with the bench. Not that it matters, but what did you shoot them with?


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