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Just taking airshow photos with my iPhone

Yes, I am a lazy person especially when it comes to photography. That’s why I refrain from buying heavy stuffs e.g. mega zoom lenses, flashes, heavy bodies etc. Whenever I buy cameras, the first thing I note will be the weight…Likewise, when traveling, I will only bring the bare minimum – a small bag with at most two small lenses. When the iPhone 4s hit town, it caused a rave among fanboy & aunties alike. I got one & tried it. Man! It was indeed good. Hence ever since, the 4s has became my backup camera & even the main camera when I am especially lazy. At the recent Singapore Airshow 2012, I decided to forgo bringing a DSLR (because if I bring, I will have to bring a 70-200mm with tele-converter), & convince myself that the 4s is good enough. So what if I cannot get a close shot of the flying acrobatic show! End of the day, I got to say that the 4s did really well! Will be doing more of iPhoneography moving on!

Took this standing a loooo-oong way from the show. But loved it anyway. By being far, I actually got a nice shot of the entire flight path. Who says airshow needs closeups!

This is my fav photo from the set. The original colors rendered was terrific, but I decided that the heli deserved a “cooler” look to it

One of the things that I learnt about using the 4s as a cam was that it still requires good lighting conditions to perform well, unless you decides to do B&W or other “creative” forms. If not, & you are doing normal shots where you need the best sharpness in your images, then you have to think twice about using the 4s.

The other thing I learnt was not so much about the 4s but Facebook. If you want to showcase your iPhone photos on FB, try not to upload direct from the phone because the process will automatically involve some downsampling. That’s why the photos uploaded are often grainy or less sharp. I cannot find any methods to turn this off. So instead for photos that I wantto showcase, I will email to myself (in actual size) or download it to my desktop. I will get to preserve it in its original glory then 🙂

Just a little project for portable photo storage & editing

Finally completed my ultra low-cost Netbook Resurrection project ! It may not be a speed demon, but it will be my convenient photo backup & basic editing machine with the built-in SD slot, a 60GB SSD & two 16GB USB thumbdrive that is “permanently” fixed to it 🙂  OS? It’s free with Joli OS!!! It’s worth it if you have a old netbook & SSD lying around!

Update: after days of using it & bringing it on my trip to Cameron, it was fantastic!  The Joli OS was fast in bootup & very stable since it’s a minimal OS.  The storage was more than sufficient with 96GB of backup flash storage.  Was able to surf & upload the photos every moment when paired with my iPhone’s personal hotspot! All in all, it was a good choice.  Even better than my Gen 1 iPad.  Of course if you have the spare cash for a new iPad with the camera connector kit or a hyperdrive, then do go ahead, that’s a even better choice 🙂