Just a little project for portable photo storage & editing

Finally completed my ultra low-cost Netbook Resurrection project ! It may not be a speed demon, but it will be my convenient photo backup & basic editing machine with the built-in SD slot, a 60GB SSD & two 16GB USB thumbdrive that is “permanently” fixed to it 🙂  OS? It’s free with Joli OS!!! It’s worth it if you have a old netbook & SSD lying around!

Update: after days of using it & bringing it on my trip to Cameron, it was fantastic!  The Joli OS was fast in bootup & very stable since it’s a minimal OS.  The storage was more than sufficient with 96GB of backup flash storage.  Was able to surf & upload the photos every moment when paired with my iPhone’s personal hotspot! All in all, it was a good choice.  Even better than my Gen 1 iPad.  Of course if you have the spare cash for a new iPad with the camera connector kit or a hyperdrive, then do go ahead, that’s a even better choice 🙂


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