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Just a trip up north – Cameron Highlands Part II

Some of the shots at Cameron Highlands were too common, I mean hills, clouds, fogs, greens etc.  I keep thinking of ways to make the photos stand out better.  Then I chanced upon the works of an incredible photographer, Chinese artist Dong Hong-Oai.  This guy passed away in 2004 & he used a style known as pictorialism to create incredible photographs that look like traditional Chinese paintings.   I tried using Photoshop to recreate some of that “feel”.  Quite nice I think 🙂





Just a trip up north – Cameron Highlands

Managed to earn enough credits from my wife to go on a short photography trip to Cameron Highlands with my kakis (good friends). Ended up that the trip was nice and relaxing rather than a planned trip with strict itinerary. But we do enjoy it. Kakis are already bent on organising the next trip. They are luckier because they do not have to earn credits….

Took quite a number of nature & landscape rather than people, which I origjnally thought I would. Guess we are simply too lazy…