Just Trekking “O-Kio” aka Balestier

After a good cup of tea & a serving of Johor-styled Bak Kut Teh, decided to drop by “O-Kio” aka Balestier for a quick ground reece for the planning of the club’s photo walk in May & getting some good pictures for the posters. It’s a bloody hot day, but then in Singapore, which day is not…

Followed URA’s Balestier Heritage Trail guide & walked covered almost the entirety of the district that morning. Appreciating more & more the nice colours & microcontrast-ness of the X-Pro1 & the Zeiss 35mm f/1.4. Have to confess I hate the heavy weight of the Zeiss. It’s even heavier than my friend’s Nikon D7000 body.

Took just a few photos that day since will be coming back again. Decided to convert into B&W.

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