Just an uncoloured view of my town

Had an early release today from work & decided to pop by some uncharted areas within my town side to take some pictures before I pick up my kid.  Again as we all know, I am a lazy photographer, & a lazy photographer thinks of creative ways to fulfil their targets without stressing themselves.  Hence I decided to chunk aside my X-Pro1 & just bring along my iPhone 4s since the natural light is at its peak.

I took quite a number of shots, around 50 or so.  The lighting outside was not as good as I thought.  The sun was not as strong & there were some dark clouds floating around, not many but some.  Since the lighting is as such, it gave quite good setting for some black & white photos given the light vs darkness contrast.  Hence, I decided to do an entire B&W series for this session.

The 4s is actually very good in its autofocus & dynamic range.  The framing I had in mind were all catered to how the photos will look like when directly processed into B&W.   I always mentioned to my fellow hobbyist photographers that concept will guide your actions, & give context to your output (photos).

I love the reflection of the building (Khoo Teck Phuat Hospital) in the drenched railing.  The 4s amazingly managed to capture a sharp shot of the reflection!

This is another set that I like as there’s a stark light vs darkness in the photos.  That’s what makes B&W photos so rich in emotions.

The details captured by the 4s in this set is just amazing.

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