Just street shooting Universal Studios Singapore

More frames from Universal Studios. Love the characters especially Marilyn Monroe 🙂

Got some great shots from the Mummy Returns corner.  Those cravings makes fantastic pieces.

The details rendered by the Zeiss 35mm 1.4 is simply mind-blowing. It’s very sharp even when wide open

& who can forget about the Transformers! Shot this close up & at small apertures.

Shot this at a wide aperture, I think 2.8 to bring focus to the Chevy badge

& some other misc shots of USS all at small apertures to take in all the details.


3 thoughts on “Just street shooting Universal Studios Singapore

  1. Stephanie

    My daughter is the Marilyn Monroe character that you have photographed so well at Universal Studios Singapore. i love the black and white shots. unfortunately I cannot view any of the colour photos that you have posted. is there some way that i can do this?


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