Monthly Archives: May 2012

Just a Lazy Sunday after Vesak Day

It’s really hard to slip out to take some photos with my 2 kids around.  Wanted to shoot some Vesak Day actions yesterday but to no avail.  Hence decided to just chunk my camera inside the car all day, just in case there’s some opportunity for pictures.  Managed to go to Bright Hill Temple with family & while they prayed, I took some shots.  Most are done in around 800 – 2000 ISO since there’s not much lighting within the temple.  But X-Pro1 did a pretty good job I must say!

The temple shoot was done in less than 30mins since the kids need to go back for some nap time.  Managed to slip out again after teatime when everyone is asleep.  Decided to forfeit my rest time & sneak out to the nearby Yishun reservoir for a quick shoot since I have never been there.  It was drizzling & I had to take the risk of the X-Pro1 being wet – it isn’t weather-sealed…But luckily, the camera held up pretty well.  When taking the landscape shoots, was really missing my Tokina 11-16mm.   That would have gotten me some pretty cool wide angle shots.



Just an intro to Col Tucker – America’s Greatest Hero

Was feeling very bored today as was grounded at home.  Decided to bring out some figurines that I bought last year for some still-life photography.  While I would love to do some Lego-style shots, especially those of our dear storm troopers, I had to make do with whatever I had.  Just happened that the two figurines I had looked like something out of a G.I Joe box.  Hence  decided to do a themed shoot on COL TUCKER, AMERICA’s GREATEST HERO!  Ya, that just go to show how bored I am…

This was shot with a monitor showing the flag behind.  The light emitting from the monitor is good enough to give the shot that I wanted

As usual, I did not use any lighting other than natural light.  It’s more positioning the figurine.  This was placed near a window to get the light on Tucker’s face.  The room was relatively dark due to a storm outside, so it added to the darker mood of the image.

This was shoot using a Dyson blade-less fan.   Looks a bit like a futuristic portal aka Stargate…I think…Used lighting to darken all evidence of the fan except for the centre portion.