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Just found really great stuffs for iPhoneography!

Despite being tech-neutral – a must for any techie, I unabashedly profess my luv for iPhone. The camera for the 4s is just so handy! Saw a couple of great innovative products birthing from Kickstarter recently. 2 of these products stood out as “essentials” for us hobbyists – the Kick which is a pocket-sized lighting equipment & the Trygger Camera Case which is a Polarizing Filter Case for the 4s.

The Kick is a handheld device that can wirelessly link up with the iPhone and emits led light depending on your preferences.  The colors are not restricted to white light but a variety of lights & even special effects. You have to see the video to understand why I so desire it.

Image copyright of  Rift Inc
The Trygger Camera Case is another gem. we all luv our polarizers & ND filters. And this thing comes as a case with varying density.
Image copyright of Trygger LLC
Think I have to get both of these! Otherwise, I will not be able to get to sleep!

Just more word of thanks to my readers :-)

Thanks to teensurge for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger award.

Thanks to Food Stories for nominating me for the Illuminating Blogger Award as well.  Such awards are really a boost to us in pushing our passion forward.

I will do my part to encourage quality blogging in this blogosphere.  The following are my nominations for both the VBA & the IBA (*sorry. didn’t keep to the 5 bloggers limit cos there’s just so many good blogs out there ;-))
















Just another look at Balestier – in B&W

Was out  with the photography gang today for some street photography. Destination was Balestier Road which I went some weeks ago to familiarise myself with the route. Set off with the focus of getting some B&W frames. Just nice that there’s a little drizzle today that gave me some reflections shots. I set my X-Pro1 to B&W Red filter throughout to achieve a more dramatic feel.

Took just a few frames today as the outing was primarily to meet up with friends. My X-Pro1 was happy to meet up with 2 of its X100 “brothers” there as well!

Was fortunate to witness a wedding ceremony held within a Burmese Buddhist Temple.  Bumped up the ISO quickly to take a few frames.

The outing may be a short one, but thanks to the cool weather & great company, it’s still a terrific experience 😉

Just some very old cars

Took a day of leave to enjoy some time with my other half today. Brought along my X-Pro1 as I thought I may perhaps have some chance to snap a few photos of her. We ended up shopping instead at the city’s shopping district – Orchard Road. One of the stops was Orchard Central – a new shopping mall that I had never been to. Happily, there was a vintage car exhibition over there. So off I went to do some rapid snapping while my wife did some window shopping during that 15 mins.

The lighting was not ideal inside the mall. Had to bump up ISO quite a bit. Also switched to X-Pro1 Neg.Hi filter effect to get more colour vibrancy to match the mood

If I shoot cars, you will find that I normally focus more on the lines & colours, & only gave a hint of the car body. This is opposed to some who prefers to take in the entire car into the visual. My justification is that I see the beauty of cars as a collective accentuation of their lines & colours.

Just in the mood for “culture” – a walk in Singapore’s Chinese Garden

The total number of times that I visited Singapore’s Chinese Garden in the last 30+ years can easily be shown with one hand…It’s not that the Chinese Garden is boring or stale, it’s just that it was too far a distance for me, and well the attractions ain’t really attractive then.  The last time that I went was to attend a workshop by Manny Libroro & I was still using my Canon with 15-85mm then. I did not took in much of the scenery as the focus was on shooting model portraits.  Yesterday, I had the urge to do some black and white – largely because I wanted to see how well the X-Pro1 holds up against the Leica Monochrome.  The results are clear. While I may not get the “Leica” look, I did managed to get some nice B&W frames that pleased me quite a bit. Most of these are shot in bright sunlight – that reminds me…time to get a ND filter.

If you happen to visit Singapore, don’t forget to drop by this beautiful place for some photos 🙂