Just in the mood for “culture” – a walk in Singapore’s Chinese Garden

The total number of times that I visited Singapore’s Chinese Garden in the last 30+ years can easily be shown with one hand…It’s not that the Chinese Garden is boring or stale, it’s just that it was too far a distance for me, and well the attractions ain’t really attractive then.  The last time that I went was to attend a workshop by Manny Libroro & I was still using my Canon with 15-85mm then. I did not took in much of the scenery as the focus was on shooting model portraits.  Yesterday, I had the urge to do some black and white – largely because I wanted to see how well the X-Pro1 holds up against the Leica Monochrome.  The results are clear. While I may not get the “Leica” look, I did managed to get some nice B&W frames that pleased me quite a bit. Most of these are shot in bright sunlight – that reminds me…time to get a ND filter.

If you happen to visit Singapore, don’t forget to drop by this beautiful place for some photos 🙂

181 thoughts on “Just in the mood for “culture” – a walk in Singapore’s Chinese Garden

  1. alee9

    So much poetry in your photography! I love that you’re doing it in black and white. Thanks for sharing them!

    into the lake’s surface
    weeds fall
    the way we uncoil when
    reflecting on each other

    tanka inspired by the last frame
    Alegria Imperial

  2. Nikhil Kardale

    The place always seems calm and serene, and I realize now that it looks beautiful in monochrome too! Classy pictures, the composition of some of the shots almost suggests that the objects in them have a story to tell.

  3. {lv}

    Beautiful shots! I was recently in Singapore but didn’t get a chance to check out the Chinese Garden. After seeing your photos, I definitely need to return to Singapore and do a photography outing at the garden too!

  4. Sharine

    I love photography and these are the kinds of pictures I love the most… abstract snapshots of all the things we don’t even notice are beautiful

  5. charmaineyip

    This is beautiful. I used to study at NTU for close to 5 months and I visited this place once. Thank you for the memories!

      1. charmaineyip

        Really wish I could take a second look. I’m back home in Canada. I did my exchange in Singapore – what a peaceful place.

          1. charmaineyip

            That’s sweet. I would appreciate that. I would like to also learn more about you – you should have an about page!

  6. artistphotoz

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  7. Ann Sales

    Beautiful shots you got there. Now, you’re giving me another reason to get excited for my next trip to SG – lace up my running shoes and jog at the Chinese Garden. =)

  8. wordswithnannaprawn

    Stunning and congrats on being freshly pressed! I’ve been to Singapore twice (which I love!) but unfortunately didn’t visit these gardens….but I’ve been to Darling Harbour’s Chinese Garden of Friendship in Sydney…one of the most peaceful, beautiful and spiritual places I’ve ever been in, right in the heart of a very busy tourist destination! Thank you for sharing a walk through of another beautiful Chinese Garden.

  9. Anarya Andir

    Brilliant photos! Congrats for being on Freshly Pressed! I might be going to Singapore next month, so I would like to know – where is this place exactly? Is it different from the botanic gardens?

    1. FlickerFree Post author

      Thks for your encouragement! This is the Chinese Garden located in the Jurong precinct in Singapore. Like its next-door Japanese Garden, it is a theme-based garden. The Botanic Garden is the mother of all Singapore gardens 🙂

      1. Anarya Andir

        Thanks for explaining it to me! That sort of means I shouldn’t miss Botanic Garden when I go there. I hope I can go to this Chinese Garden as well but I only have 2 days in Singapore :(.

  10. dancingbunny

    Your pictures are really nice. Like you, I also enjoyed photography for its “feel” and “mood”. May I link your site to my blog??

      1. dancingbunny

        Thank you!! I am in the middle of revamping my blog, will add my black and white photos to my site once I am done with it!! Hope that we can inspire each other 🙂

  11. pixelogist

    superb. i love the compositions especially using the natural shapes. i lived in singapore 3 years but never visited the place (singapore life is busy!) haha. cheers

    1. FlickerFree Post author

      Thks for the lovely comments! I am a believer that the person behind the camera is what makes the photo captivating, not the device itself 🙂 Ganbatte!

  12. Emi

    I wasn’t sure whether I should go to the Chinese Garden… but these pics look so good I think I have to! Love the BWs!!! 🙂

  13. drewpan

    Nice! Wifey and I went to scout out the Chinese Gardens when we were looking for places to take our wedding photos. We didn’t end up using it in the end, but I was glad that we went cos we might not have had the incentive to visit the place otherwise.

  14. riatarded

    I love this! Chinese Garden was my favorite haunt when I was in Singapore! Love love love the place!

    Also, your photographs are awesome!

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  16. felixattard

    It really looks like a beautiful place through your photos. I like the way you composed your photos and the monochrome conversion. I think I might actually visit a Chinese garden nearby soon to see what results I would get. Really good stuff. Congrats!

  17. perpetualflaneur

    Beautiful and touching photos you have here. You have a good eye from these shots; simple yet telling–connects very well with the soul! Lovely!

  18. trailingtrekker

    I love the B&W photos! I was in Singapore a few years ago but think I managed to get to these gardens, definitely a must next time I am there. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Joseph Nebus

    I didn’t visit the Chinese Gardens nearly enough when I lived in Singapore, but I did make my best effort to be there for the lantern festival in September, which was always fantastic to see.

  20. jeanieross

    I work across the road from the Chinese Gardens in Singapore and sadly have only been there once. My favourite is the fragrance garden which can never be captured on camera but is a wonder for the senses!

  21. Joyce

    Lovely photos! The Chinese Gardens are totally underrated. I go there often and not many seem to appreciate the beauty there! 🙂

  22. millayt

    Beautiful! Love the bridge picture. We have lived in China the last three years and have visited a number of gardens,,,never thought of doing B & W, but you’ve inspired me! Thanks!

  23. Jepiner

    I have been to Chinese Garden thrice. And from your pictures, you have created a far more beautiful and serene place from the real garden. I love the compositions. They were great! Amazing photos! 🙂

  24. Aubrey

    For me, the best thing about shooting in B&W is how it makes the scenes dramatic. Will try to visit this place soon. Btw, beautiful photos!

  25. janellelk

    Hello, my name is Janelle and I am the art editor for Murmurations Magazine. I was wondering if you would be interested in submitting some of your work to our magazine. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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