Just some very old cars

Took a day of leave to enjoy some time with my other half today. Brought along my X-Pro1 as I thought I may perhaps have some chance to snap a few photos of her. We ended up shopping instead at the city’s shopping district – Orchard Road. One of the stops was Orchard Central – a new shopping mall that I had never been to. Happily, there was a vintage car exhibition over there. So off I went to do some rapid snapping while my wife did some window shopping during that 15 mins.

The lighting was not ideal inside the mall. Had to bump up ISO quite a bit. Also switched to X-Pro1 Neg.Hi filter effect to get more colour vibrancy to match the mood

If I shoot cars, you will find that I normally focus more on the lines & colours, & only gave a hint of the car body. This is opposed to some who prefers to take in the entire car into the visual. My justification is that I see the beauty of cars as a collective accentuation of their lines & colours.

6 thoughts on “Just some very old cars

        1. andreashesse

          There are a lot of fans all over the world. I would go for the white 911 though, or the Austin Healy for some classic oldtimer-hill-racing. Great pictures 🙂


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