Just found really great stuffs for iPhoneography!

Despite being tech-neutral – a must for any techie, I unabashedly profess my luv for iPhone. The camera for the 4s is just so handy! Saw a couple of great innovative products birthing from Kickstarter recently. 2 of these products stood out as “essentials” for us hobbyists – the Kick which is a pocket-sized lighting equipment & the Trygger Camera Case which is a Polarizing Filter Case for the 4s.

The Kick is a handheld device that can wirelessly link up with the iPhone and emits led light depending on your preferences.  The colors are not restricted to white light but a variety of lights & even special effects. You have to see the video to understand why I so desire it.

Image copyright of  Rift Inc
The Trygger Camera Case is another gem. we all luv our polarizers & ND filters. And this thing comes as a case with varying density.
Image copyright of Trygger LLC
Think I have to get both of these! Otherwise, I will not be able to get to sleep!

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