Just a “Starry Starry” Night

Went to the Star Concert held at Gardens By The Bay last Sunday. The event was organised by The Straits Times publishing house  & it marked the very 3rd time that I visited the Garden…Will be going there again tomorrow with colleagues…OMG…

Anyway, the concert was quite a star-studded event with an international lineup featuring artistes such as 4 Minute – a  five-member Korean girl group that was the current craze of the town, Boys Like Girls – the American rock band from Massachusetts, Tanya Chua – a popular Asian singer, Singapore idol winners –  Taufik Batisah & Hady Mirza, as well as a couple more acts. It was hard trying to cover a concert using only a 35mm, but I tried my best.

This was a endearing cute little girl who dressed up as Chun Li in the Street Fighter series. She’s so adorable that I could not resist posting 3 shots of her 🙂

Took some frames of the people waiting around…The lighting was great that day, so my lens was extra fast

When it reached the Boys Like Girls’s act, lighting was much worse. Had to rely on high ISO to get sharper shots

Even at 100% crop, the high ISO images are fantastic!

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