Just to capture a memory of yet another disappearing landscape – Jalan Mempurong, Sembawang

The last Malay Kampong was next on my list of places to shoot after Vincent told me about it.  I only know about the one kampong in Buangkok Bahru, but was clueless on the  existence of this place.  Did some research on it. While there are some articles on the history of the place, most of the other articles are on the suspected paranormal activities around there. Nevertheless, the lure of the place was too great and I decided to pay a visit to the place before it disappear like many of those before it. Of course, I visited the place during daytime…

I realised that I visited Jalan Mempurong in Sembawang before – to dine at the now defunct Bottle Tree Village. If only I venture slightly further, I would have bump into the spot for shooting. I thought nobody will be there in the afternoon, especially when the weather was not exactly welcoming. I was proven wrong. There were a number of our Malay friends there fishing. Some were decked in Courts sales attire, I think they were there to take a break, enjoy the sea breeze and trying their luck at fishing.

I also went to take a few frames of the Masjid Petempatan Melayu Sembawang. This is the last kampung mosque in Singapore.

Though I did not really fulfil my aim of photographing the kampong, I did chanced upon a huge cluster of Black & White colonial houses nearby at the King’s Avenue & Queen’s Avenue. That will likely be next on my list 🙂

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