Just outstanding – the Nikon V1

I confessed that my gear itch syndrome was acting up again. It’s an incurable sickness that I have no intention to find a cure to. The only problem is I didn’t have much cash on hand to ease the itch away. I so wanted to try the Sony RX100 MKII and the RX1R, or even the GX7 which has yet to reach our shores. But these are expensive gear. Just the RX100 MKII will set me back by about US$700, and that’s a compact camera without a viewfinder…The electronic viewfinder itself will cost nearly another US$500! I wanted an affordable set of new gear that has a viewfinder, bigger sensor than my current Fuji X20, and greater ISO capabilities. Thank heaven that I found that in a Nikon V1.



The Nikon V1 wasn’t exactly new. In fact, it’s about two years old. But this “old” camera happens to amaze many good photographers around the world with its speed and colour reproduction. I knew that the price for a V1 kit set has dropped to about US$400 or so – well within my budget, and was hence quite interested to get one to play with. So I went to Qoo10.com, the site that sells almost anything, and did a quick search. It was then that I realised that miracles exist. There’s actually a seller who sells the V1 kit with 10mm lens for less than US$300…to be exact, it’s only US$250! If that’s not cheap, I don’t know what is! I wasted no time in keying in my credit card details, clicked the “submit” button, and tadah! I got my new toy three days later (or yesterday).

I think I will be bringing this cam out a lot (had to say sorry to my X20) as I simply had to check out the extent of its capabilities. Just a short day with it and I am won over by the prowess that lies within its small frame. Though it doesn’t give the Fuji look which I loved so much, it delivers the fabled Nikon dynamic range which is pure wonder for something that only has a small 1″ sensor.  To see how rich the colours can be, just look at the cow below.


I also managed to take some shoots at night, bumping the ISO to 800. True to the reviews/feedback, the V1’s autofocus and WB are really spot on and is worthy of a thumb-up. The ISO noise and sharpness control also deserved a compliment. Will test it more in the days to come 🙂 Stay tuned.

DSC_0057 DSC_0060 DSC_0066 DSC_0067 DSC_0073

6 thoughts on “Just outstanding – the Nikon V1

  1. 125tel - KUMs Fotogalerie

    My experiences with the heavily underrated Nikon 1 V1 are very good as well. Though it has an terrible interface. But the sensor delivers exiting files. The lenses are great. And it serves very well once it comes to fast action. Wish you good luck with it!

    1. FlickerFree Post author

      Agreed on the interface. But to its credit, it scored some hits & misses against my X20. For example, its AF control is much better but who in the world embed ISO inside its menu?! The trinity of shooting control should be made most accessible to the photographer.

  2. Ramses

    Just set it it auto ISO 800 and you hardly need the menu at all. Great little camera. Had one a year ago. Sold it. I have a Sony A7R too, but this Nikon V1 us so much more fun to shoot with.

  3. FlickerFree Post author

    I am looking forward to owning a A7R too 🙂 The V1 is nice and nifty but it has its own limitations. But now, that’s the gear I have left. So have to maximise it 🙂

  4. zzzxtreme

    what’s cheap? v1+10mm for $195

    but I’m very interested to know your thoughts of V1 vs X20. is the DR and IQ in V1 better? etc…


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