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Just kid-ding with Ukulele

It has been quite some time since my last post.  My hands has been itching for some shooting but finding time was a challenge.  Most of my frames over the past few weeks has been shot using the handy iPhone. Hence was over the moon when I was asked by my bro to help him take some shots of kids with ukulele. You see, my bro (in law) runs a business in Chinese traditional musical instruments – Eason Music.  He’s a great guy and is truly talented in the field of music. These photo shoot was intended for his website use.

The shoot was arranged at Hort Park, one of the many scenic places that you can find in Singapore.  This place is a wedding couple’s dream place for wedding photography & a photographer’s best bet as every scene he/she needs is right here in Hort Park – a gazebo, couple benches, turf grass, water wall, rose gardens, vintage structures etc.  Anyway, here are a few of the frames taken.



Just more mother-&-kids-gone-wild photos at Universal Studios Singapore

Went to Universal Studio which is really a good place to take photos…if you use AF.  For manual focus, it’s slightly harder & needed more practice, at least for me, since everything just seems to move so fast.  However, BECAUSE it is manual & focusing is slower, you can get some interesting frames that are dreamy due to the OOF effect.

I like this because of the stark contrast offered by the Zeiss glass, plus the clarity is just drooling.

This is slightly overexposed, but the amount of details is there, & of course the subjects are too cute to dismiss.



Just appreciating mothers at Resort World Sentosa

It’s Mother’s Day & I have plans to bring the ladies (wife & mom) out to thank them for their care & love over the years.  Booked a “staycation” at the Festive Hotel at Resort World Sentosa (RWS) & a spa package each at Capella Hotel.  Beautiful place I must say, though I did not have time to explore the place due to the fact that I am now the nanny looking after the 2 kids gone wild since the 2 ladies were enjoying their spa time out.

Of course, my trusty X-Pro1 is always by my side at RWS. Took quite a few frames but have difficulty shooting the 2 kids, especially when they are dashing around.  Ended up using my 4s as the backup for action shoots, while the X-Pro1 is more for casual street & portraits.  Guess I still have to brush up my skills on using manual for fast-pace action shoots.

Pictures of my beautiful wife 🙂

My 2 cheeky boys. Hard to get them to sit & pose for this picture. It is lucky that the well-lighted area allows the shutter to move faster.

This is my fav frame.  The natural light from the balcony coming into the slightly dark room gave a nice dreamy, yet sharp look.

Bumped this up to ISO3200 or 4000, can’t remember.   Still amazed at the sharpness of the photo 🙂

Will post more street shots of RWS & the Universal Studios Singapore next !!! :->

Just a touch of love – Wan Chin & Vivienne

I seldom do wedding shoots.  Not because I got no time, but because I do not have the confidence to do so & hated the responsibility of a wedding photographer – mind you, it’s once in a lifetime thing for the wedding couple!  However, I do not mind being a hobbyist & shooting some for fun.  Boon Leong kindly “lent” us Wan Chin & Vivienne who are getting married soon & doesn’t mind some extra photos to grace their albums.  Great models!

To me, taking wedding photos is not about having a theme or making sure you have all the poses that a bride/groom should have, or showcasing your photography skills by trying all kinds of shots.  It’s more about capturing the most beautiful side of a  person.  Everyone has a most beautiful/photogenic side to them.  But it takes time to find it.   If you can match that look with a “feel”, then you have”‘it” 🙂

Love always 🙂

Just what I learnt from Manny Librodo

Attended the Manny Librodo Master Class Singapore & learn the fine art of post processing & the use of natural light.  Loved this workshop as it taught you to use available light instead of flashes.   As I mentioned before that I’m a lazy shooter, I hesitate to bring along any heavy equipment as the camera body & the lens would be heavy enough.  One of the key lesson learnt was that the model is very important to how the entire photoshoot will turn out.  To this extent, I really have to say Kharunisia Jazmin is a very good model.

Model/Stylist/MUA/Wardrobe: Kharunisia Jazmin

Model/Stylist/MUA/Wardrobe: Kharunisia Jazmin


Model/Stylist/MUA/Wardrobe: Kharunisia Jazmin

Model/Stylist/MUA/Wardrobe: Kharunisia Jazmin

Model: Luiza L /Makeup Artist: Shikin Khalid