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Just a little visit by the Little People

I am now left with a little camera for all my works – the Nikon V1. Little as the camera may be, it is still sufficient to shoot delightful pictures. The series of images below follows the visit by Little People, the blog project which had inspired me so much,  to the island of Singapore.

For those who have been to Singapore, make a guess on the places of interest visited by the Little People 🙂


Hanging out with the guys


Painting by the river

Little People04

Sunning in the garden

Little People04

Resting by the sidewalk


Art by the reservoir


Painting the roses

Besides visiting, the Little People did what they do best – work!


Cleaning out the keys


Clearing the trash






Window cleaning




Over the drain


Cleaning the safety equipment


Did I forget something?




I remembered I dropped it somewhere…


Finally…a rest and a view to kill for

Just some very old cars

Took a day of leave to enjoy some time with my other half today. Brought along my X-Pro1 as I thought I may perhaps have some chance to snap a few photos of her. We ended up shopping instead at the city’s shopping district – Orchard Road. One of the stops was Orchard Central – a new shopping mall that I had never been to. Happily, there was a vintage car exhibition over there. So off I went to do some rapid snapping while my wife did some window shopping during that 15 mins.

The lighting was not ideal inside the mall. Had to bump up ISO quite a bit. Also switched to X-Pro1 Neg.Hi filter effect to get more colour vibrancy to match the mood

If I shoot cars, you will find that I normally focus more on the lines & colours, & only gave a hint of the car body. This is opposed to some who prefers to take in the entire car into the visual. My justification is that I see the beauty of cars as a collective accentuation of their lines & colours.

Just an intro to Col Tucker – America’s Greatest Hero

Was feeling very bored today as was grounded at home.  Decided to bring out some figurines that I bought last year for some still-life photography.  While I would love to do some Lego-style shots, especially those of our dear storm troopers, I had to make do with whatever I had.  Just happened that the two figurines I had looked like something out of a G.I Joe box.  Hence  decided to do a themed shoot on COL TUCKER, AMERICA’s GREATEST HERO!  Ya, that just go to show how bored I am…

This was shot with a monitor showing the flag behind.  The light emitting from the monitor is good enough to give the shot that I wanted

As usual, I did not use any lighting other than natural light.  It’s more positioning the figurine.  This was placed near a window to get the light on Tucker’s face.  The room was relatively dark due to a storm outside, so it added to the darker mood of the image.

This was shoot using a Dyson blade-less fan.   Looks a bit like a futuristic portal aka Stargate…I think…Used lighting to darken all evidence of the fan except for the centre portion.