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Just another trip to laid-back Perth

It has been donkey-months since I last posted..and for legitimate reasons – that my PC is being kept within one of the 60+ boxes packed nicely in a storage place quite some distance from where I am staying right now.

Yes, I am in the midst of moving house. Though I am handicapped by the lack of a computing device, my photo-capturing tool stayed close to me as I shifted my place. But the hectic schedule between planning the move and working doesn’t permit much photography to be done. Within these sterile months, I was glad that I was able to go for an overseas conference which would provide me with the opportunities to take some frames.

The last time I went to Perth and Fremantle was about four years ago, and during then I was wielding my first DSLR. Actually it’s a m4/3 – the Olympus EP2. It was the newest m4/3 then. This time round, I “downgraded” and took along my Fuji X20, a compact that’s less than 1/2 the size of the the m4/3. But I love Fuji and I have absolute trust in the camera…and the user ūüôā

The streets of Perth are interesting – a melting pot of nationalities and races, of culture and the arts. The Fuji excels in its film-like colors and its B&W.

In the right conditions, the Fuji X20 is able to capture amazing details and colors that rivals its bigger-sensor counterparts. It works well especially with structures, and Perth provides some of the nicest structures that we can find in this region.

And who can ever go to Australia without taking some photos of the native animals! I was glad that my choice of camera was the X20 as there is no need for me to change my lens. Zooming in and out was a breeze, and especially useful in capturing the unpredictable subjects. The only pitfall was that the X20 doesn’t fare well in low-light and the metering was not accurate enough. In dim places, it was quite a challenging task to get some good shots.

I had some other shots that I was quite happy with. I have inserted them below for sharing. Enjoy.



Just a fishy experience at the S.E.A Aquarium, Marine Life Park

I worked at a great place, alongside a bunch of great colleagues. During festive or key¬†occasions, we have cohesion activities so that everyone can get together & have an enjoyable time to kickstart the festive mood. To get the mood going for Christmas, the lot of us went to the newest attraction in town – the S.E.A¬†Aquarium¬†at Marine Life Park, Sentosa RWS. It was a world-class aquarium that gave you a¬†panoramic¬†view of the living environment of sea creatures. My favorite? The jelly fishes ūüôā

There were also some exhibits of the ancient marine history that were just so incredible.

Just a trip up north ‚Äď Cameron Highlands Part II

Some of the shots at Cameron Highlands were too common, I mean hills, clouds, fogs, greens etc. ¬†I keep thinking of ways to make the photos stand out better. ¬†Then I chanced upon the works of an incredible photographer, Chinese artist Dong Hong-Oai. ¬†This guy¬†passed away in 2004 & he used a style known as pictorialism to create incredible photographs that look like traditional Chinese paintings. ¬† I tried using¬†Photoshop¬†to recreate some of that “feel”. ¬†Quite nice I think ūüôā





Just a trip up north – Cameron Highlands

Managed to earn enough credits from my wife to go on a short photography trip to Cameron Highlands with my kakis (good friends). Ended up that the trip was nice and relaxing rather than a planned trip with strict itinerary. But we do enjoy it. Kakis are already bent on organising the next trip. They are luckier because they do not have to earn credits….

Took quite a number of nature & landscape rather than people, which I origjnally thought I would. Guess we are simply too lazy…

Just some memories from the Land Down Under

Some of my fav photos came from my very first foray into hobbyist photography. ¬†The Olympus EP-2 m4/3 was actually my first beyond-P&S camera. ¬†While the camera does have its limitation compared to the later batches of m4/3 cameras now, it gave me an insight as to what I could do with a better equipment. ¬†I love the colors & details caught with the EP-2 during my trip to Perth. ¬†Although I still didn’t know about bokeh & other stuff then, I just thought the camera did a marvellous job.