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Just a trip up north – Cameron Highlands Part II

Some of the shots at Cameron Highlands were too common, I mean hills, clouds, fogs, greens etc.  I keep thinking of ways to make the photos stand out better.  Then I chanced upon the works of an incredible photographer, Chinese artist Dong Hong-Oai.  This guy passed away in 2004 & he used a style known as pictorialism to create incredible photographs that look like traditional Chinese paintings.   I tried using Photoshop to recreate some of that “feel”.  Quite nice I think 🙂





Just a trip up north – Cameron Highlands

Managed to earn enough credits from my wife to go on a short photography trip to Cameron Highlands with my kakis (good friends). Ended up that the trip was nice and relaxing rather than a planned trip with strict itinerary. But we do enjoy it. Kakis are already bent on organising the next trip. They are luckier because they do not have to earn credits….

Took quite a number of nature & landscape rather than people, which I origjnally thought I would. Guess we are simply too lazy…

Just in time to shoot the Winter Solstice Festival Ceremony

Went to Buddha Tooth Temple (佛牙寺) to take some shots of the  Winter Solstice Festival Ceremony ( 冬至祭祖法会).  It’s a pity that photographers weren’t allowed to take the interior because it does look majestic.  Luckily for us, the ceremony can be seen from outside, & it also had a walk-around the temple.  Hence, our trip wasn’t wasted in the end.



Just some memories of kampong

I lived in a kampong when I was young.  For those who do not know what “kampong” is, it’s an Indonesian and Malaysian word for a rural village.  I loved kampong life.  It was carefree & fun, unlike the busy society that we are immersed in now.

I decided to pop by Buangkok to take a look at the last surviving kampong in Singapore. It was just after rain & the ground was wet & muddy.  But it provided good materials for photography.

Love the distinctive colours brought about by the merging of muddy water & drainage

The beauty about the kampong was the different things that you can find there & the different arrays of colours that are present

Just some show of Faith & Sincerity

Another day with Vincent to walk the streets of Waterloo & Victoria.  Took a lot of architectural photos but not many of people.  Now Waterloo is famed for a Buddhist temple that has followers across Southeast Asia.  By the side of this temple is a Hindu temple & you get to see a lot of devotees praying at both temples.  You can almost feel the air of serenity & faith.  Hence, I whipped out my 24-70mm & shoot away.

The fast aperture of the 24-70mm allows me to swiftly capture this shot with relative ease.  It helps that the man was concentrating fully on his prayers.

I took quite a few shots of this burning fuel as the metering was distracted by the flame

I underexposed this quite a bit to get the deep colors that I wanted & darken the background a bit.


Just some Shapes, Patterns & Colors

I love colors, especially if they are captured with corresponding shapes & patterns.  Went on a walk with Vincent recently to do some street shooting.  We decided to try out the Waterloo area since there seems to be so much contrasty colors there.  At that time, I didn’t really have a good idea of what I want to shoot – maybe some people sightings or architectures? Didn’t sound exciting & didn’t invoke any “feel” within me.  By the 20min into the walk, we came by some nice houses that has the colonial touch to them.  The bold colors & shapes immediately struck me & that guided me throughout the entire photo walk after that.

This bee just look to cute not to include it…

Just a touch of love – Wan Chin & Vivienne

I seldom do wedding shoots.  Not because I got no time, but because I do not have the confidence to do so & hated the responsibility of a wedding photographer – mind you, it’s once in a lifetime thing for the wedding couple!  However, I do not mind being a hobbyist & shooting some for fun.  Boon Leong kindly “lent” us Wan Chin & Vivienne who are getting married soon & doesn’t mind some extra photos to grace their albums.  Great models!

To me, taking wedding photos is not about having a theme or making sure you have all the poses that a bride/groom should have, or showcasing your photography skills by trying all kinds of shots.  It’s more about capturing the most beautiful side of a  person.  Everyone has a most beautiful/photogenic side to them.  But it takes time to find it.   If you can match that look with a “feel”, then you have”‘it” 🙂

Love always 🙂

Just to wish everyone a Selemat Hari Raya

Hari Raya  is a Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting.  In Singapore, this was very much celebrated not only by the Muslim community, but by virtually everyone since we are all so integrated as Singaporeans.

Vincent &  I decided to go down to Geylang Serai, the heart of the Muslim community, to take some photos on the preparations for the upcoming celebrations.  Man!  The place was crowded with street stalls & bustling with life.  & it was colorful! perfect for shoots.

Love this colours contrasted with the strong outline of the man.  Taken with 24-70mm

It was challenging to take this shot as it was low light & the movement of the man’s hand is not exactly slow. To top it off, I was standing on an elevated ground made of hollow wood.  Hence it was trembling every now & then due to the crowd walking on it.  That’s why I love my  24-70mm with its fast f/2.8 🙂

Shot this amazing child who could fell asleep amidst the trumpeting sound of the crowd around her!

Another shot that I love just because it has a certain “feel” to it