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Just a morning stroll around Jalan Kayu

To my friends who live in Jurong area for the most part of their lives, Jalan Kayu must have been a “birds don’t lay egg” location – a Chinese term used to describe places that are so outskirts that birds do not even want to make their homes there.  But I love Jalan Kayu.  It has good food, good ambience & a good potential for photography.  Alas, much of the place was destroyed by the government when they decided to transform the place into an aerospace hub.  It was pretty sad to see the lushness taken away & replaced by cold large hangars & buildings.  Even the beautiful colonial houses were also partially cleared to make way for these…

These flowers were seen as I stroll along the Yishun Dam leading into the Seletar area.

Used my 24-70mm & a Light Craft Workshop Fader ND Mark II to achieve this popping effect

This was also done with the variable Fader at max power as the it was near noon & the sun was at its height

Spotted this vintage in a colonial house rented by some expatriates.  He has many other vintage cars beside this, but this was outstanding.

Couldn’t resist sneaking in & taking a shot.  anyway, the nearest police post was at least 8 km away.

Just sad over lost heritage – KTM Railway

The KTM Railway is a heritage piece for Singapore, & actually Malaysia as well as it was a major touch point  & a topic  for the two countries over the years.  To us, it was an experience, to have ride in that train & pass through those grasslands.  Now that it is going, I felt quite sad, & I guess many of my fellow Singaporeans felt the same way.  So armed with my 24-70mm, I decided to go record some memories.

This old couple brought along their two grand kids to experience the KTM for the first & the last time…

Couldn’t resist taking a photo of my dear wife 🙂

Just a very hot day at RSAF Open House

Open Houses are fun – for photography that is.   Decided to drop by the RSAF Open House with my wife & kid to expose the little one to some real big man’s toy instead of his puny toy aircrafts.  The weather was fantastic–ally hot & walking about broke us out in a big sweat.  I was carrying my heavy Tokina 11-16mm (built like a tank) somemore & was heaving an hour later.

Lots of stuffs to shoot, I would say, but the presence of the crowd “blemished” some of the shots that would be nicer if  it was in solitary.   Have to adjust & overexpose a lot of my shots to counteract the brightness.  Overall, I would say it’s a good trip.  Will be there next year!

Just not what you think at Desker Road

Desker Road is a famous…infamous place in Singapore that has the highest density of transsexuals…However, the other aspect of Desker is that it has a lot of nice stuffs to capture – in terms of photography.  The DMG Photographers Club decided to make a trip there on a Sat morning to catch up on things & take some photos at the same time.  I was using my Tokina 50-135mm.  It was a very sharp lens wide open even though it was relatively cheaper than the Canon or Sigma close cousins.  However, I was told that it was out of production.  Lucky to get one 🙂


Caught this Charile’s Angel look.  Taken with the Tokina 50-135mm

Just feeling great that it’s Chinese New Year again!

I have a love-hate relationship with Chinese New Year – love it because the atmosphere is great & you get to see long-lost relatives, & hate it because it drains a lot of money out of me…Decided to go out with Vincent to capture some of the CNY colors with my Tokina 11-16mm – the best ultra wide-angle that I recommend any day.