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Just something different for the Gardens By The Bay

The Gardens By The Bay is THE new place in town for the locals & tourists alike. If you scan Singapore’s photographers websites or Facebook pages, you are likely to see a photo of the Supertrees or the 2 dome conservatories.  The Gardens is part of our government’s vision in creating a 21st Century City in a Garden. It is supposed to be a leading example of environmental sustainability & the highlight of the Gardens is none other than the Supertrees – 16 storeys tall metal marvels with photovoltaic cells on their canopies to harvest solar energy or provide air exhaust receptacles for the Conservatories.

To be frank, I am not a fan of this Gardens By The Bay. Given a choice, I would go for the natural gardens e.g. Botanic Garden, Chinese Garden etc where every trip is different depending on the mood of nature on that day. But that being said, the Gardens was still a great place to go & get a feel of the modernity & cutting edge environmental conservation! I decided, at least for the next few rounds, to try a different look for my photos – cinematic. I wanted something  different, not the usual strong colors or B&W photos that plagued the Garden By The Bay. It was coincidental that I was greatly inspired by an Italian photographer that I chanced upon on Facebook. His name is Stefano Santucci. One of his series are based on achieving cinema-like looks. The moment I saw it, I knew that I have to try it – it had such a incredibly undying film feel to it.  It is not easy to get that look. Post processing is easy, just a simple 2 step process. But to make it seems as if it was a movie still meant that you have to imagine the “movie” playing in your head & how a frame from that movie will look like if freezes. You also have to think harder about framing as the crop ratio is about 16:6.9 – so it’s either an ultra-wide lens or very careful framing.

From a distance, the Supertrees look amazing. Close-up, it was a monstrous piece of metal art. It was a bright & sunny day. I had to bring along a CPL filter as there are a lot of glass structures around. The CPL will come in handy to reduce reduce the light + cut down the glare.

You can see the 2 famed glass conservatories in their splendour just standing from outside.

There are other exhibits at the open-air areas, including stalactites planted gardens. I purposely underexpose this shot to get a more distinct light vs dark frame

Stepping into the conservatories was like stepping into a lost world, just that it’s all plants & water, & no roaming creatures except for the occasional flies. There are 2 domed conservatories – the Cloud Forest which houses the tallest indoor waterfall with planted walls around it. Upon entering, you would be greeted with a cool mist. I braved my non-weather-sealed X-Pro1 just to see what I could get. It’s a pity that I have no ND filter at hand & no tripod at my disposal. That would have given me a different take on the Waterfall.

I have seen most of the plants & flowers in the conservatories & they are not really that unique. Hence I did not take much nature shots here. I did take some close ups though as some of the colors are really quite enticing. 

I will post more shots of Gardens By The Bay – not of the “Gardens” but the Star Concert that was held tonight.  That’s all for tonight 🙂