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Just to wish everyone a Selemat Hari Raya

Hari Raya  is a Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting.  In Singapore, this was very much celebrated not only by the Muslim community, but by virtually everyone since we are all so integrated as Singaporeans.

Vincent &  I decided to go down to Geylang Serai, the heart of the Muslim community, to take some photos on the preparations for the upcoming celebrations.  Man!  The place was crowded with street stalls & bustling with life.  & it was colorful! perfect for shoots.

Love this colours contrasted with the strong outline of the man.  Taken with 24-70mm

It was challenging to take this shot as it was low light & the movement of the man’s hand is not exactly slow. To top it off, I was standing on an elevated ground made of hollow wood.  Hence it was trembling every now & then due to the crowd walking on it.  That’s why I love my  24-70mm with its fast f/2.8 🙂

Shot this amazing child who could fell asleep amidst the trumpeting sound of the crowd around her!

Another shot that I love just because it has a certain “feel” to it