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Just a hot hot morning at the Army Open House

It’s the annual Army Open House in Singapore today.  Here, we have these types of Open Houses (including Navy & Airforce) to showcase our armed forces & raise the public awareness on defence.  Since it’s showcasing our might, there would surely be lots of equipments on display = great photography opportunity.  & since it was a bloody hot day & I have decided back then to stop using my heavy lenses, I decided to do it the iPhone way again 🙂 Being scorchingly sunny is great for using the iPhone as a street cam.

While the 4s is unable to capture the full spectrum of details like a DSLR, it is capable of producing very crisp & clear images like the one above, as long as you give it sufficient light.

The next 4 frames are my fav of the series & I think only the 4s can capture such photos – a bit grainy, shows full details of the cloud structure & a beautiful silhouette.  It could be because the 4s cam hardware operates on a fixed Aperture Priority mode.

This was again taken with a large amount of light. While the portraits were clear, the sky is blown out…not that I care about that.  With the 4s, you have to be selective about your focal subject as it is a give & take given the limitations of the cam. **Btw, these 4 man are known as the famous Red Lions – & they are the parachuters in the photos.

Another very clear & crisp shot of a soldier fully equipped with the modern combat system.  Bokeh doesn’t really work here though & is really limited.

This ‘swamp thing”/”yeti” lookalike thig is actually a very well-camouflaged sniper. With the correct amount of light, you can get full details out of your focal subject.  Same goes for the photo below.

The 4s is actually very good for still subjects, in this case all these heavy machineries on display.  It has very rich reproduction of colors & tone.  In fact, I think it beats the mid-range PnS anytime.

Since this year’s Army Open House is held at thee Singapore Flyer, it would be a waste if there’s no photos on it.  Hence decided to take some which is shown in the collage above.

Just the best iPhone case..ever

Saw on a Japanese blog the other day on this Gizmon iCA case for iPhone 4s.  It’s  a Leica look-alike case that comprises 32 separate parts to “transform” your 4s into a deceptive camera.  The moment I set my eyes on it, the opened up my fav Japanese courier service & ordered  pair (different colors).  Within a week, the cases arrived & few mins later, my 4s was no longer a phone 🙂 Yes, installation was easy & straight forward.

I had many people fooled & the attention garnered by this little case was fabulous.  Everyone thought I went out & bought a new camera.  even had some congratulating me on my new “Leica” purchase…

Update:  After using it for a few weeks & enjoying the experience & attention, I grew tired of it as the case added much bulk to my 4s.  You can’t really put this in your pocket and has to hold it in your hands.  This is a problem for us guys.  Gals should enjoy a better experience given your phones are pretty much in your handbags.  I would say this is a novelty item.  Now I am better to basics & given my 4s a leather backcase instead of a protective casing.  It’s lighter, less bulky & more convenient – great for slipping in & out of my pocket for shooting 🙂