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Just an uncoloured view of my town

Had an early release today from work & decided to pop by some uncharted areas within my town side to take some pictures before I pick up my kid.  Again as we all know, I am a lazy photographer, & a lazy photographer thinks of creative ways to fulfil their targets without stressing themselves.  Hence I decided to chunk aside my X-Pro1 & just bring along my iPhone 4s since the natural light is at its peak.

I took quite a number of shots, around 50 or so.  The lighting outside was not as good as I thought.  The sun was not as strong & there were some dark clouds floating around, not many but some.  Since the lighting is as such, it gave quite good setting for some black & white photos given the light vs darkness contrast.  Hence, I decided to do an entire B&W series for this session.

The 4s is actually very good in its autofocus & dynamic range.  The framing I had in mind were all catered to how the photos will look like when directly processed into B&W.   I always mentioned to my fellow hobbyist photographers that concept will guide your actions, & give context to your output (photos).

I love the reflection of the building (Khoo Teck Phuat Hospital) in the drenched railing.  The 4s amazingly managed to capture a sharp shot of the reflection!

This is another set that I like as there’s a stark light vs darkness in the photos.  That’s what makes B&W photos so rich in emotions.

The details captured by the 4s in this set is just amazing.

Just the best iPhone case..ever

Saw on a Japanese blog the other day on this Gizmon iCA case for iPhone 4s.  It’s  a Leica look-alike case that comprises 32 separate parts to “transform” your 4s into a deceptive camera.  The moment I set my eyes on it, the opened up my fav Japanese courier service & ordered  pair (different colors).  Within a week, the cases arrived & few mins later, my 4s was no longer a phone 🙂 Yes, installation was easy & straight forward.

I had many people fooled & the attention garnered by this little case was fabulous.  Everyone thought I went out & bought a new camera.  even had some congratulating me on my new “Leica” purchase…

Update:  After using it for a few weeks & enjoying the experience & attention, I grew tired of it as the case added much bulk to my 4s.  You can’t really put this in your pocket and has to hold it in your hands.  This is a problem for us guys.  Gals should enjoy a better experience given your phones are pretty much in your handbags.  I would say this is a novelty item.  Now I am better to basics & given my 4s a leather backcase instead of a protective casing.  It’s lighter, less bulky & more convenient – great for slipping in & out of my pocket for shooting 🙂