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Just a very hot day at RSAF Open House

Open Houses are fun – for photography that is.   Decided to drop by the RSAF Open House with my wife & kid to expose the little one to some real big man’s toy instead of his puny toy aircrafts.  The weather was fantastic–ally hot & walking about broke us out in a big sweat.  I was carrying my heavy Tokina 11-16mm (built like a tank) somemore & was heaving an hour later.

Lots of stuffs to shoot, I would say, but the presence of the crowd “blemished” some of the shots that would be nicer if  it was in solitary.   Have to adjust & overexpose a lot of my shots to counteract the brightness.  Overall, I would say it’s a good trip.  Will be there next year!


Just not what you think at Desker Road Part II

Besides street, we also went into a few stalls near Arab Street.  There are lots curios over there for the avid photographer.

Just not what you think at Desker Road

Desker Road is a famous…infamous place in Singapore that has the highest density of transsexuals…However, the other aspect of Desker is that it has a lot of nice stuffs to capture – in terms of photography.  The DMG Photographers Club decided to make a trip there on a Sat morning to catch up on things & take some photos at the same time.  I was using my Tokina 50-135mm.  It was a very sharp lens wide open even though it was relatively cheaper than the Canon or Sigma close cousins.  However, I was told that it was out of production.  Lucky to get one 🙂


Caught this Charile’s Angel look.  Taken with the Tokina 50-135mm

Just feeling great that it’s Chinese New Year again!

I have a love-hate relationship with Chinese New Year – love it because the atmosphere is great & you get to see long-lost relatives, & hate it because it drains a lot of money out of me…Decided to go out with Vincent to capture some of the CNY colors with my Tokina 11-16mm – the best ultra wide-angle that I recommend any day.