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Just an intro to Col Tucker – America’s Greatest Hero

Was feeling very bored today as was grounded at home.  Decided to bring out some figurines that I bought last year for some still-life photography.  While I would love to do some Lego-style shots, especially those of our dear storm troopers, I had to make do with whatever I had.  Just happened that the two figurines I had looked like something out of a G.I Joe box.  Hence  decided to do a themed shoot on COL TUCKER, AMERICA’s GREATEST HERO!  Ya, that just go to show how bored I am…

This was shot with a monitor showing the flag behind.  The light emitting from the monitor is good enough to give the shot that I wanted

As usual, I did not use any lighting other than natural light.  It’s more positioning the figurine.  This was placed near a window to get the light on Tucker’s face.  The room was relatively dark due to a storm outside, so it added to the darker mood of the image.

This was shoot using a Dyson blade-less fan.   Looks a bit like a futuristic portal aka Stargate…I think…Used lighting to darken all evidence of the fan except for the centre portion.