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Just Black & White in USS

Of all my frames from USS and RWS, my favourite is the B&W set.  The colors rendered by Fuji & the details offered by Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 are terrific & invokes much more emotions than the coloured ones


Just street shooting Universal Studios Singapore

More frames from Universal Studios. Love the characters especially Marilyn Monroe 🙂

Got some great shots from the Mummy Returns corner.  Those cravings makes fantastic pieces.

The details rendered by the Zeiss 35mm 1.4 is simply mind-blowing. It’s very sharp even when wide open

& who can forget about the Transformers! Shot this close up & at small apertures.

Shot this at a wide aperture, I think 2.8 to bring focus to the Chevy badge

& some other misc shots of USS all at small apertures to take in all the details.

Just more mother-&-kids-gone-wild photos at Universal Studios Singapore

Went to Universal Studio which is really a good place to take photos…if you use AF.  For manual focus, it’s slightly harder & needed more practice, at least for me, since everything just seems to move so fast.  However, BECAUSE it is manual & focusing is slower, you can get some interesting frames that are dreamy due to the OOF effect.

I like this because of the stark contrast offered by the Zeiss glass, plus the clarity is just drooling.

This is slightly overexposed, but the amount of details is there, & of course the subjects are too cute to dismiss.



Just appreciating mothers at Resort World Sentosa

It’s Mother’s Day & I have plans to bring the ladies (wife & mom) out to thank them for their care & love over the years.  Booked a “staycation” at the Festive Hotel at Resort World Sentosa (RWS) & a spa package each at Capella Hotel.  Beautiful place I must say, though I did not have time to explore the place due to the fact that I am now the nanny looking after the 2 kids gone wild since the 2 ladies were enjoying their spa time out.

Of course, my trusty X-Pro1 is always by my side at RWS. Took quite a few frames but have difficulty shooting the 2 kids, especially when they are dashing around.  Ended up using my 4s as the backup for action shoots, while the X-Pro1 is more for casual street & portraits.  Guess I still have to brush up my skills on using manual for fast-pace action shoots.

Pictures of my beautiful wife 🙂

My 2 cheeky boys. Hard to get them to sit & pose for this picture. It is lucky that the well-lighted area allows the shutter to move faster.

This is my fav frame.  The natural light from the balcony coming into the slightly dark room gave a nice dreamy, yet sharp look.

Bumped this up to ISO3200 or 4000, can’t remember.   Still amazed at the sharpness of the photo 🙂

Will post more street shots of RWS & the Universal Studios Singapore next !!! :->