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Just strolling Woodlands Waterfront at nightfall

I love walking at nightfall, as it is so serene. Plus it aids in digestion… After a hideous night of working, I decided to grab my cam & get a few frames of the night. I did not have many destinations in mind – closest to me that I pictured has a great night view was Woodlands Waterfront. I have never been there at night, so there’ no contest.

I fixed the X-Pro1 on a tripod for these shoots. I was aghast that I did not get myself a remote shutter which was essential for Bulb mode to work properly. Tried using finger but can’t last for more than a minute without tiring out from the stiff posture. Also kicked myself for saving $$ on a ND filter which could have helped to smoother the ripples even more to get a great reflection. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the shooting as the colors of the night view was terrific, bringing truth to the words “in darkness, light prevails”!