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Just another beautiful sunset

This has been a lovely week as it was one of the rare times that I managed to get my wife to approve a few hours for me to take my trusty X20 out for a walk ūüôā

I decided to go to the nearby Upper Seletar Reservoir to take some shoots of the sunset. I must say that though I have been there a couple times, it was mostly in realms of the dark nights and mostly long exposures shots. It was kinda embarrassing to say that taking sunset at Upper Seletar Reservoir was a first for me, even though I lived there for more than 4 years.





Anyway as shown in my previous posts, the X20 was quite capable of taking sunset, in full glorious colors. The sunset at Upper Seletar Reservoir was slightly different as the direction and view was largely blocked by rail tracks and trees. But then, its a reservoir and the water masses made up for it with the beautiful reflections.






As nightfall, it became a stretch for the X20 again as it struggles to take long exposure. For example in the below image, it has obvious slight grains, but acceptable. (by the way, the streak of light is the train passing by). One thing that got me a bit impatient though was the long processing time when taking long exposures. I managed to play a few rounds of Candy Crush and Injustice while waiting. Perhaps Fujifilm can do something about it as a firmware upgrade.


Next time, I will take some sunset in B&W – which is where the X20’s true strength lies. Would love to see the results ūüôā

Invisible Singapore [03] Keep North – Yishun šĻČť°ļ

Sometimes it’s amazing how a small island like Singapore could pack in so many things. i have been living in the northern side of the island ever since I know how to mumble my abc. Till today, i have yet to even explore a quarter of this segment in detail. Yishun is one of the towns in the northern side, alongside Sembawang and Woodlands, and nearby to Ang Mo Kio as well as the new towns of Sengkang and Punggol. It is also along the Upper Thomson Road which offers a myriad of scenic and gastronomic experiences.¬† Yishun used to be a sleepy old town that houses reserviors and natural lushes of greens. With the explosion in population,¬† the laid back style was replaced by more concrete landscaping. Yes, it’s harder to find natural formations to shoot but if we try, there are still some spots that offered an opportunity.

Bottle Tree Park

located at the entrance to Yishun is the Bottle Tree Park Рa place for relaxation and for corporates to host cohesion or team building activities.  The owners tried to replicate a rural landscape witnin their premise which comes with a fishing pond, a RC car racing track, a handicraft area, a vegetation growing area and even a heritage area. while most of the things are man-made,  thee are still some nice scenic stuffs worth shooting. I shoot largely in base ISO 100 in the bright sunlight which the X20 performs very well.






Black and White houses

Nearer to Sembawang, there exists a stretch of land where many colonial black and white houses stand. These are bound by roads with very foreign names such as Pakistan Road and Queens Road. Apparently, the houses are still inhabited but could still be felt as quite secluded from civilisation. The X20 is able to output a good level of contrast for the structures and highlight the beautiful tones of the b&w buildings.









Pierce Reservoir

It is advisable to go with a partner, at least, if you intend to visit Pierce Reservoir.  Even at broad daylight, walking the covered tracks is an eerie experience. I decided against venturing in alone amidst the thick vegetation into the reservoir.  I was glad that I stood with that as the sky soon turned dark with threatening roars of thunder. Though I missed the landscape shots, I managed to take some shots of the monkeys that are abundant along the reservoir road. These rascals are totally unafraid of us humans and wanders into close proximity of my car. One stood just outside my car window allowing me to shoot it while it got drenched in rain. I was impressed by the capability of the X20 that despite its small sensor, it was able to deliver a high degree of sharpness and dynamic range that breathed character into the images. Great job Fuji!







There are many more nice places in Yishun and the rest of the northern regions. Hopefully I will have the chance to cover more of them in the next few weeks.



Just another Sunday

To be frank, I don’t like Sundays as much as I love Saturdays…as Sundays signal the end of the weekends. Moreover, Sundays in Singapore are often used for last minute preparations or to prepare for the hectic week ahead, so that literally means the end of rest time for most of us. But amongst all these work and much, some of us will still try to squeeze out time to do what they like. For me, I will use my errands or grocery/marketing to sneak some frames.

Near to Yishun where I lived is the Upper Seletar Reservoir Park. According to official records, the place was¬†built in 1920 and was opened by Her Royal Highness, Princess Alexandra in 1969! It was later renamed as Upper Seletar Reservoir. Besides being a water catchment area, the Park is also surrounded by nature reserves. It is a nice place to laze and just stare at the blue waters or greenery, and a lot of causal fishing take place here too. Since I was out buying some teabreak for my wife and kids, I popped by the place to take a few shots – in pure B&W ūüôā


























Just walking around with my iPhone 4s

Back to my lazy self again recently & NO heavy Zeiss 35mm for at least the next 3 days. ¬†Saw an article on DPS recently titled “iPhone 4s Cameras Are Good For Some Subjects“. ¬†It’s a nice article that doesn’t tell you any “how-to”, but it frames your mind as to what the iPhone limitations & capabilities are, so that you can¬†optimise¬†the use of your mobile camera.

Anyway, I decided to take some of these images while in a cafe & driving…yes, driving, & when I was waiting for my kids under the blocks. ¬†Again, I used the artificial light & ambient light to my advantage so as to ensure that the iPhone can churn out quality images on par with the PnS family.¬†

This fame was taken with direct at the sunlight. However, I manually shift the focus point to the house to get a clearer image of the house.

This is just a shot to see how well the iPhone does macros. It just delivers.

Just an uncoloured view of my town

Had an early release today from work & decided to pop by some uncharted areas within my town side to take some pictures before I pick up my kid.  Again as we all know, I am a lazy photographer, & a lazy photographer thinks of creative ways to fulfil their targets without stressing themselves.  Hence I decided to chunk aside my X-Pro1 & just bring along my iPhone 4s since the natural light is at its peak.

I took quite a number of shots, around 50 or so.  The lighting outside was not as good as I thought.  The sun was not as strong & there were some dark clouds floating around, not many but some.  Since the lighting is as such, it gave quite good setting for some black & white photos given the light vs darkness contrast.  Hence, I decided to do an entire B&W series for this session.

The 4s is actually very good in its autofocus & dynamic range.  The framing I had in mind were all catered to how the photos will look like when directly processed into B&W.   I always mentioned to my fellow hobbyist photographers that concept will guide your actions, & give context to your output (photos).

I love the reflection of the building (Khoo Teck Phuat Hospital) in the drenched railing.  The 4s amazingly managed to capture a sharp shot of the reflection!

This is another set that I like as there’s a stark light vs darkness in the photos. ¬†That’s what makes B&W photos so rich in emotions.

The details captured by the 4s in this set is just amazing.