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Just another look at Balestier – in B&W

Was out  with the photography gang today for some street photography. Destination was Balestier Road which I went some weeks ago to familiarise myself with the route. Set off with the focus of getting some B&W frames. Just nice that there’s a little drizzle today that gave me some reflections shots. I set my X-Pro1 to B&W Red filter throughout to achieve a more dramatic feel.

Took just a few frames today as the outing was primarily to meet up with friends. My X-Pro1 was happy to meet up with 2 of its X100 “brothers” there as well!

Was fortunate to witness a wedding ceremony held within a Burmese Buddhist Temple.  Bumped up the ISO quickly to take a few frames.

The outing may be a short one, but thanks to the cool weather & great company, it’s still a terrific experience 😉


Just Trekking “O-Kio” aka Balestier Part II

Decided to drop by Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall 孙中山南洋纪念馆. Never been here before. Quiet place hidden in the back of Balestier. Houses beautiful historical artefacts & massive amount of information pertaining to Mr Sun & the Japanese Occupation.

It’s a great place to see how well the X-Pro1 can perform under low light because the whole place is quite dark, even darker than a museum.  So I pumped up the X-Pro1 into ISO2500 & let it go!


Impressive performance by the X-Pro1 in low light & it renders beautiful B&W images.  Some other photos.




Just Trekking “O-Kio” aka Balestier

After a good cup of tea & a serving of Johor-styled Bak Kut Teh, decided to drop by “O-Kio” aka Balestier for a quick ground reece for the planning of the club’s photo walk in May & getting some good pictures for the posters. It’s a bloody hot day, but then in Singapore, which day is not…

Followed URA’s Balestier Heritage Trail guide & walked covered almost the entirety of the district that morning. Appreciating more & more the nice colours & microcontrast-ness of the X-Pro1 & the Zeiss 35mm f/1.4. Have to confess I hate the heavy weight of the Zeiss. It’s even heavier than my friend’s Nikon D7000 body.

Took just a few photos that day since will be coming back again. Decided to convert into B&W.